E-Friday Flyers

Issue 63 : KS3

14 Dec 2018

Key Stage Three have had a busy first term in and out of the classroom.

On Thursday morning, they have the opportunity to gather and listen to a lecture by one of their peers. In Term 1 this has been delivered by a senior pupil from the Sixth Form. However, as we enter Term 2 the KS3 pupils will be given the opportunity to deliver these lectures.

So far they have listened to talks on Time Travel from an A Level Physicist. From what I could decipher this is possible, but only when we can travel at the speed of light - which we cannot - yet.

They have also listened to advice on relationships and bullying from Fernanda and Jordan. The girls explained a number of ways in which the pupils from KS3 could navigate the complex nature of relationships through the teenage years.

We also have had Min, a pupil who started at ECiM in Year 9 with limited English, explain how his outlook on life had helped him attain a Sixth Form Scholarship. The key has been his attitude, and specifically his willingness to ‘just do it’. Less pontification and more action as every experience is a learning opportunity.

We have also had a live debate, where the team ruminated on whether Prep should be banned for Key Stage Three. After the debate, when asked to vote, the floor was surprisingly split! In Term Two we will have our first KS3 debate with Carr v Wilson in competition - one suggested motion - Mobile Phones should be banned!

Outside of the classroom, the pupils have also had a range of opportunities and this week the Year 9 boys had a cricket lesson from Mike Gatting - a previous Captain of the England cricket team and an outstanding batsman. I hope some of his flair has rubbed off on our boys come cricket season.

Ian Squires
KS 3 Coordinator