E-Friday Flyers

Issue 61 : Rosebery House

30 Nov 2018

House assembly happens every Monday across the college but the girls in Rosebery have taken ownership of theirs. They have developed a programme of activities that take place each week. Previously the time has been used for family group meetings and to give information. Now we learn something new each week about our fellow Housemates through presentations on a variety of topics. Our Academic prefect, Aiynah has been instrumental in setting up the programme.

This half term we have had presentations from:

Karishma on Identity.
Alicia on Food and Aging:Rosebery2-(2).jpg
Other presentations have included: Elephants, Taekwondo and The Gender Pay Gap.

Each girl who presents earns two merits for their family group which go towards the highly competitive Rosebery Family Group Competition. They also receive a certificate as a reminder of their success.

Thank you to all of the girls who have presented and to Aiynah for developing the programme.
We are looking forward to many more presentations.  Next week Zaain will present on Sleep.

Kirsty Lowery