Student Voice

There are several ways in which the 'Student Voice' can be heard in the Senior School.

Each week, the Head of Senior School will meet with the prefect body to determine routine, logistical matters relating to the smooth running of the school. Prefect involvement here is essential since the operational aspects of many of the outcomes of this weekly meeting will be directly put into action by the prefects themselves. Also at this weekly meeting, the views of the prefects on many matters will regularly be sought.

Each House will nominate/elect a representative for the School Council. The focus of this group is not only to deal with pupils' concerns and ideas for improvement, but to empower the Reps to formulate solutions in consultation with their constituent body within their House. Matters that could easily be discussed and acted upon could be related to school uniform, structure of the working day/week, meals and food in general, 'Green' issues within the school and around the grounds in general. The list is endless.

Within each House, a HMM will organise a House Council, with a Rep from each year group along with the Head of House. All House related matters appropriate to discussion by the students and their HMM are raised here.

The Sixth Form year groups of Years 12 & 13 have their own committee to look at issues directly relating to them. Matters such as Sixth Form social events or careers advice may well be topics for this group.

Epsom UK has additional groups such as Games committee, Green committee and others, which are bodies whose constituent body is comprised of both staff and pupils serving jointly on a working group. We will take this model forward and run it in Malaysia as well.

In each case, be it at prefect level, on the School Council, House Council, Sixth Form Committee, Charity Committee or others, here at ECiM, the views of the students do count and will be listened to.