Student Voice

At ECiM, we have put into place systems that ensure pupils have the opportunity to be heard, while encouraging them to be actively involved in shaping an environment they feel most comfortable in.

Each week, the Head of Senior School meets with the prefect body to discuss items related to the smooth running of the school. We seek the prefects’ views on such matters to understand the impact that various decisions have from a pupil perspective. They will also be heavily involved in implementing the outcome of these sessions.

For those in boarding, the HMM organises a House Council made up of a representative from each year and the Head of House. Appropriate House-related issues are raised and discussed by the pupils and their HMM here. Matters regarding the school at large will be brought to the School Council.

Through the School Council, we provide an opportunity to deal with concerns and ideas from the student body, while empowering the House representative to find solutions on behalf of their fellow House members. This group negotiates various aspects of school life at ECiM, such as the school uniform, structure of the working week, meals and condition of campus grounds.

Pupils in Years 12 and 13 (Sixth-Form) have their own committee to address issues that directly affect them, such as social events or career advice.

In each instance, we do our best to ensure the views of pupils are taken into consideration.