Student Voice

Part of the education at ECiM is for pupils to learn how to impact and influence their community. At school, we work to empower pupils by making their ideas and suggestions heard by:

  • Putting ideas in the Suggestion Box
  • Participating in School Council
  • Being Head Captains or Head Boy/Girl of Prep
  • Participating in Eco-schools group, Fundraising Committee, Playground Committee or Food Council
  • Sharing during Circle Time
  • Speaking to a relevant member of staff

It is opportunities like these which provide leadership and group work experience for pupils, supplemented by:

  • Charity and community work
  • Helping younger pupils in class
  • Playtime buddies
  • New student mentorship
  • Class responsibilities
In Prep Classes
By providing pupils with ample opportunity to lead class work and organisations, we teach them to complete their duties to a high standard, with respect to those who depend on them. It is also a teaching moment for those being led, as they practise how to take a tactful backseat.
School Council
The Prep School Council consists of a School Council Representative elected from each class. This council gives a voice to the student body for all school matters, while providing a platform for particularly articulate and motivated pupils to develop their leadership abilities. Council reps run weekly meetings in class to gather views or develop ideas with their classmates.
Prep School House Captains
Year 2 pupils elect eight Deputy House Captains while Year 6 pupils elect eight House Captains to lead their House in school sports, arts events, and House projects. House meetings take place each term to discuss teams and strategy in a fun manner that builds camaraderie.