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The safety of pupils and staff are of great importance to us. We have put in place numerous policies and procedures to safeguard security at all times. These include:

  • All visitors must sign-in on arrival at the campus, and wear a clearly visible Visitor’s Badge. Access is restricted to certain areas of the campus. Visitors without a Visitor’s Badge will be challenged by College staff. Entry to campus grounds will be denied if necessary.
  • All staff must clear an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check (or its equivalent) prior to appointment.
  • College staff must wear a staff badge with photo ID.
  • School gates are always manned by security staff.
  • CCTV cameras monitor outdoor areas, College perimeters and all corridors.
  • The extensive College telephone system makes it easy for staff to quickly report an issue to the Facilities Manager or Head of Security.
  • Areas that are out-of-bounds to visitors and the general College community (e.g. individual Boarding Houses) have keypad security access.
  • Emergency procedures for intruders, fire, earthquakes and lightning.
  • Parents and guardians are required to wear Prep School ‘pick-up/drop-off’ badge when transporting their child to and from school.