Services & Other

ECiM affords a medical provision that befits a school with over 150 years of medical training history. The Medical Room is staffed by a team of full-time nurses that provide around-the-clock professional medical attention in the event of illness or injury. Qualified first-aiders are always present on school-sanctioned trips, while first-aid kits are situated in appropriate areas such as the sports and play facilities, science labs, and workshop-style classrooms. In the case of more serious medical situations, they will be referred to a UK-trained medical practitioner at a clinic 2 minutes from campus, or a private hospital with Accident and Emergency and inpatient facilities only 20 minutes away. Pupils are also subject to annual health assessments and health education.

Each pupil will have their own medical record detailing accidents, injuries, illnesses and health assessments to provide continuity of care. Parents are free to view these records upon request.

School nurses will regularly communicate with parents or guardians regarding personal health issues of their children, as well as provide information on the general health of the community. In turn, parents or guardians should fully disclose their child’s health information so we can implement the best possible healthcare provision to individual pupils.