Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care for Senior School Pupils

Adolescence can be a vital period of self-discovery for a child. Pastoral support at ECiM helps pupils navigate the challenges of their teenage years, cultivating self-possessed young adults that feel at ease in any situation. Much like ECUK, ECiM’s pastoral support is primarily rooted in the House system, which has proven effective in providing pupils with much-needed guidance.

We start by offering pupils a strong sense of belonging, centred around their individual House. Pupils entering the Senior School in Years 7 to 9 will be placed in transition Houses, where they will be provided with the infrastructure to integrate to their new environment and build relationships with pupils their age. As pupils move up through school, more intimate study bedrooms, and eventually individual workspaces, are provided to instil a sense of independence. Each House is self-contained, with top-of-the-line facilities which pupils share to build a sense of community living and accelerate their social integration.

A Housemaster or Housemistress (HMM) is in charge of each House, who in turn manages a team of tutors responsible for small groups of pupils. While HMMs act as intermediaries between parents and pupils, it is the tutors, under the careful supervision of the HMM, who have a hands-on role in looking after individual pupils. The tutors monitor their academic progress, using regular tutorial meetings to set targets and keep their boarding experience on track. Tutors and pupils work together to plan a weekly schedule which allows them to be on top of their schoolwork while fully participating in co-curricular activities of their choice. It is this individual attention each pupil receives that plays a huge role in the success of the Epsom College House system.

Apart from individual activities, instances where pupils get to represent their House, such as Inter-House competitions, leadership training, as a prefect, and House Councils, instil a sense of pride and belonging.

Looking after pupil's physical health is also part of the pastoral care ethos at ECiM. On campus, the College offers a committed healthcare team which is comprised of qualified nurses and counsellors. We also offer access to highly recommended local doctors and hospitals in the case of more serious illness.

Pastoral support can come in the form of a teacher, a trusted friend, a member of staff, and other responsible figures at ECiM. By offering our pupils a strong sense of belonging, a supportive community, and a caring environment, their ECiM experience will be one that stays with them well beyond their schooling years.