House System in the Senior School

Year 7 and Year 8 pupils start their careers in dedicated Transition Houses to enable a better transition from Lower School to Senior School. Their rooms are predominantly 4 bed studies with some double studies for those entrusted with a position of responsibility within the Lower School House. Year 9 pupils start off their time in the senior boarding House in shared double studies. Likewise, each pupil in Year 10 and Year 11 shares a study bedroom with one other. In Year 12 (Lower Sixth) and in Year 13 (Upper Sixth) all pupils have their own room with en-suite facilities.

Pupils are issued with keys to their rooms. All Houses have extensive communal areas with common rooms, games rooms (for pool, table tennis etc.), a television room (all are equipped to receive satellite broadcasts), kitchens ("brew rooms") and a House library/computer room. Extensive networked/Wi-Fi ICT facilities give all pupils the opportunity to access the College network and the Internet, with its security software.