Life At ECIM

Eating Well

At ECiM, the dining environment doesn't just feed the appetite, it nourishes the soul.

The menu is planned to be varied, nutritious and delicious, and enjoyed in a setting where pupils and staff dine together. Meal times are an opportunity to reflect, socialise and relax.

Dietary requirements are taken into consideration and pupils are provided with vegetarian options, meat or fish dishes, a salad bar and fresh fruit. Arrangements can be made for those with dietary restrictions, or even culinary curiosity. Sensible suggestions to the Catering Manager are encouraged, and discussed by the School Council in order to give pupils a balance of what they need and like.

For pupils who board, they will be given additional healthy snacks in their respective House, each of which have their own kitchen.

Download Food Menu Here

The Social Aspect of Meals

At Epsom, we ensure that pupils have:

  • The opportunity to talk to and enjoy the company of their fellow schoolmates
  • Adults around them who model positive mealtime behaviours and manners
  • New and different foods to try
  • The menu on display in their classroom or House
  • Their personal and cultural preferences taken into consideration