Life At ECIM

Eating Well

To ensure that our pupils realise their potential, we recognise our responsibilty to provide food which is nutritionally sound and tasty, while ensuring mealtimes build social skills and are an enjoyable time in the community's day.

Good food is a must at a day or boarding school; it should be fresh, nutritious and enjoyable. Epsom College aims to provide the pupils with a nutritionally sound and balanced diet that is varied and appealing.

Staff and pupils eat together at meal times, and Early Years and Pre-Prep have morning and afternoon snack times together as well. There is always a vegetarian option, as well as meat/fish dishes, a salad bar and fresh fruit is always available. Individual diet requests are catered for by arrangement.

Pupils are encouraged to submit ideas to the Catering Manager and sensible suggestions are taken up. Suggestions are also discussed by the School Council. It is a continual aim to ensure a balance between what the pupils want and what they need.

The Senior School Tuck Shop is open during the week, and the Senior boys and girls are given healthy snacks each day and evening in the boarding houses. All the boarding houses have their own kitchens (BrewRooms).

Download Food Menu Here

The Social Side of Meals

At Epsom, we ensure that pupils have:

  • Opportunities and time to talk and enjoy each others' company at meal times
  • Adults around them who model positive mealtime behaviours and etiquette
  • New, different foods and textures on offer to try
  • The menu on display in their classroom or House
  • Their personal, cultural and/or ethnic preferences taken into consideration