Beyond Boarding™

Boarding defines the ECiM experience

Life in a boarding school is an exciting and enriching way for your children to experience their teenage years. Through this unique arrangement, they will learn how to live with others, work as a team, and be a part of a community, while forming friendships that will last beyond campus grounds.

Their daily routine is carefully planned to enrich mind, body and soul in turn. They will be taught to set aside time for every aspect of boarding school, which they will use to build lifelong learning skills.

The House to which they are assigned becomes an integral part of their Epsom College experience. ECiM's House system is one that unites pupils in a communal sense of purpose and sharing, as each pupil plays a part in ensuring their House is incomparable.

In boarding, as in life, there will be challenging moments. Whenever pupils feel out of their depth, they will be able to turn to dedicated staff members as well as fellow House pupils for the support they require. In offering an environment that feels like home, our wish is for pupils to experience a strong sense of security and look forward to spending their best years of school at ECiM.

Ultimately, the structured environment coupled with personal guidance are the most important factors that will prepare them for success when they embark on the next phase in their lives.