Boarding defines the ECiM experience

Living at school with your friends is an exciting, enjoyable and enriching way of growing up. You will learn a lot about yourself and other people, you will learn how to live and work with others and how to be part of a community. You will learn to support other people when they need it, just as you will be supported by staff and other students if you need their support. Your 'home from home' will be a safe and pleasant environment in which to spend your most formative school years from age 11 to 18 and will prepare you for the world beyond.

Schoolwork is done without mums and dads having to coerce/cajole. The school has a Prep (Homework) system where there is routine and all pupils are expected to work at that time.

Boarding is such a positive busy experience. There is so much for the pupils to do in terms of activities. This is not just sport based as the activity programme is wide and varied.

Boarding instills into the boys and girls self-sufficiency and confidence, which develops independence that prepares them for the world beyond school.

Living together with a common sense of purpose, sharing and taking it in turns to make your House function is all a part of it. The structure and personalised guidance from staff are most important for growing and developing children.