Beyond Boarding™

Do my children have to do their own laundry?

For the pupils’ convenience, we have placed washing machines in each House for small, infrequent washes. The majority of their laundry however is outsourced to an external service provider. When the laundry returns, it is placed into pupils’ individual lockers in their wardrobes.

What happens if my child is sick or injured?

Your child’s comfort and safety is extremely important to us, and as such, we have put in place a comprehensive health and safety policy for each pupil. Each house has a resident HMM (Housemaster/Headmistress), tutor, and gap students, all of whom carefully monitor their charges.

If your child feels ill, there is the fully equipped and permanently staffed Medical Room on campus where he or she can visit our registered nurses. In the event of an accident, they will be attended to by qualified first aiders or taken to the nearest hospital depending on the severity of the case.

Can we arrange for our child to visit friends or relatives during the weekend?
Such arrangements can be discussed with your child’s HMM.
What is in each House?
We have provided a range of facilities that all pupils will have access to. Communal areas such as TV rooms, kitchen areas, laundry and wardrobe room and spaces for social interactions are shared by all House members. For private quarters, older Senior School pupils get single or double study bedrooms. Lower Senior School pupils get a mixture of 2-bed studies and 4-bed studies.

Our staff accommodation is located within the same facilities as the pupils, so there are always adults supervising the House.
How are pupils allocated to a House? Can I be placed in the same House as my brother or sister?
Parents may request for their child to be placed in a particular House, whether it’s because they have a sibling in that House at ECiM or because it was their parent’s House at ECUK. We do our best to honour such requests, but as a policy, we aim to evenly distribute pupils’ talents and skills equally to the Houses. This is so that each House has a fair chance when competing in the various Inter-House competitions that take place each school year.
Will my child have their own room?
In Junior Houses (pupils in Years 7 to 9), pupils will be placed in 4-bed studies to build a sense of belonging when first starting out in boarding life. They will move into 2-bed studies when they move into the Senior Houses. Sixth-form pupils (Years 12 and 13) each get their own single study with en-suite shower and toilet facilities to prepare them for next stage in life.
Will the Boarding House cater to my child’s current hobbies? Can they bring their pet with them?
Our range of activities are designed to cater to different hobbies and interests of growing children, as well as to introduce them to a great many more that they may not have considered before attending ECiM. Pets are not allowed for a host of different reasons, including health and safety grounds.
What time do pupils go to bed?
Bedtimes (or ‘lights out’) are set based on how much work each pupil has to do for prep, which depends on their age. The younger pupils have lights out at 9.00pm, going up to 10.45pm for older pupils. Each year group will have a later lights out time of 15 minutes after the age group below them. An individual may request for extra ‘sit up’ time from their respective HMM in order to finish a specific piece of work.
Where can my children go to buy basic necessities?
For stationery, toiletries and school uniform items, there is the College Store. Items here tend to be more expensive, and consent from parents and HMMs are required before purchasing items at the College Store. Purchases will appear on the end-of-term school bill.
How and what will my children eat?
Meal times here have been carefully planned by our catering staff. Each meal is prepared to be nutritionally complete and delicious, with all tastes and cultural preferences taken into account. We offer vegetarian and Halal food options along with traditional school meals. Fresh fruit will also be provided at each mealtime. Pupils will have their meals at the Dining Hall, together with staff members.
Does my child have to be in uniform all the time?
For the most part, yes. We put great care in ensuring our pupils feel comfortable within their environment, and as such, we have different uniform codes for specific activities. During the school day, uniforms are worn in class with exceptions for some activities such as PE. When playing sports, official school games kit must be worn. Pupils may change into their own clothes after all class and co-curricular activities have ended, barring any formal school events. Some clubs and societies require participating pupils to wear either their own clothes or games kit.