Life At ECIM

An Typical Day in Epsom College

Senior School

Time Details
7:15am Breakfast
8:15am Registration in Houses
8:40am Period 1
9:30am Period 2
10:15am Break
10:40am Period 3
11:30am Period 4
12:20pm Period 5
14:10pm Lunch followed by registration in houses
14:15pm Period 6
15:05pm Period 7
15:50pm Afternoon Break
16:15pm Activities/games/clubs & societies until Supper
18:00pm Supper
18:45pm Prep (Homework) and Independent study

On a Saturday, the same timings for the morning operate except that period 1 will be set aside for school assembly and the afternoons will be set aside for sports fixtures against other schools and further co-curricular activities. Sundays for the full boarders will be more leisurely, but groups of facilities and activities will be available to all of our full boarders as well as organised trips out into Kuala Lumpur and the local area.

Prep School

Time Details
8:15am Monday - Zumba
Tuesday - DEAR
Wednesday - Singing
THursday - DEAR
Friday - Yoga
8:30am Phonics
9.00am Period 1
9.20am Period 2
10.20am Break
10.40am Period 3
11.20am Period 4
12.15pm Lunch
1.05pm Monday and Friday - CCA
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - Period 6
2.00pm Period 7
3.00pm Monday and Friday - Period 8
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - CCA
4.00pm End