Musical events are an important part of the College Calendar. There are a number of concerts and recitals during the year as well as collaborations with the drama department for College productions. All students are able to involve themselves in Music making at Epsom. There are groups for students to participate in fun and accessible activities (STOMP, Singers) and also ensembles (such as Chamber Orchestra) for more advanced students to stretch their musicianship.

Rock Bands and Rock Class
There are Rock Band Coaching sessions in afternoon CCA time with lunchtime rehearsals for bands with younger students these sessions lead to performances in concerts and culminate in the Epsom Edge festival in June. The ‘Rock Class’ encourages students to be creative with a different challenge set every week, in the Rock Class, more advanced students will typically lead rehearsals, giving guidance to less experienced players.

House band is a small group (drums, piano, bass, trombone, trumpet, saxophone and vocalists) who rehearse during lunchtimes or in the evenings when necessary. As well as providing accompaniment to other ensembles, such as the Singers, the House Band is moving into funk/jazz music and is fast becoming one of our leading groups.


Singing improves confidence, is good for physical and mental health and is a musical skill which can last a lifetime, as the success of Rock Choirs for adults has shown in cities in the UK. Senior Singers (CCA) is for students in Y9 – 13, with a mostly modern repertoire of fun and accessible songs. Students learn to sing in four part harmony, with some use of notation to stretch the more able students. No previous experience is necessary. Carr and Wilson House Singers (CCA) is for students in Y7-9 where songs are carefully selected to match the group ability. Over time the difficulty level increases with students singing in harmony.

STOMP (CCA) a new activity for 2017, this involves making percussion music by hitting things not usually considered an “instrument” for example, water containers or bins! This activity is mostly aimed at students in Y7-9 but older students will participate to help ‘lead’ the session.

Wind Band
Wind Band (CCA)this group is for brass and woodwind players of all ages and abilities. Last term the group performed at Christmas events in KL as well as in College.


Learn to play the Ukulele (CCA)
All are welcome to this group where no previous experience is necessary!

Carr Wilson Strings
Students in Carr and Wilson house have their own orchestra on a Thursday lunchtime. This developmental group is for string players of all abilities, with parts written by a member of staff to ensure appropriate the difficulty level for students.

String Ensemble (CCA)
This group rehearse on a Friday afternoon and perform a wide range of music from popular songs to Symphonies. Students at any age can join, although they must be confident at reading notation.


Chamber Orchestra
The chamber orchestra are the College’s elite musicians. Rehearsals are in an evening and the group tackle difficult and challenging repertoire. Many of the players will play for orchestras out of College and players were selected from this group to perform at the MPO Orchestra day held here at Epsom.

Theory Groups are available at lunchtimes for students to work towards examinations or imporve their understanding in preparation for GCSE or A-level.