A fulfilling life is one enriched by a breadth of experiences. With this in mind, the co-curricular programme at ECiM introduces pupils to new and interesting opportunities that develop their talents outside the classroom. It is part of ECiM’s policy, as a Round Square school, to offer a school environment that allows pupils to fully embrace the IDEALS of this organisation, namely Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service. It is through these IDEALS that pupils develop a philosophy of international awareness, while acquiring leadership and time management skills.
Our wide-ranging co-curricular offerings encourage pupils to explore various areas of interests in both formal and informal settings. On top of activities provided by the Sports, Music, and Drama departments, there are also numerous clubs that introduce pupils to creative pursuits such as dancing, building, art, computer game programming and language.

Pupils who excel will have opportunities to take part in international endeavours, such as the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, the World Scholars’ Cup, Model United Nations and Young Enterprise.

A comprehensive co-curricular programme is integral to developing well-rounded pupils. It is through partaking in activities outside the classroom setting that they internalise values such as integrity, enthusiasm, resilience, fairness, humility, warmth and confidence: qualities of effective leaders. By encouraging pupils to pick up new skills, we equip them with the ability to enjoy life to the fullest and pursue a future that bodes with their talents.