Epsom College in Malaysia believes that its pupils should have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of enriching co-curricular experiences. As a Round Square school our students are encouraged, through their choices, to embrace the six ideals of the Round Square organisation which are Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service. Students benefit from extensive opportunities which promote a philosophy of international awareness.

The co-curricular programme at Epsom College in Malaysia is both formal and informal, with involvement with clubs, workshops, lectures, as well as interactions with academic departments.

Many of the activities are provided by the sports, music and drama departments but aside from these numerous clubs, the activities range from different elements of dance - ballet, samba, zumba and ballroom - to a whole range of creative activities such as building skills, art classes, computer game-making and working towards a qualification in the English Speaking Board, where communication and performance skills are practised. The prestigious Duke of Edinburgh International Award, the World Scholars Cup, Model United Nations and Young Enterprise are also covered in CCA time.

The aim is to create a co-curricular programme that fosters tolerance and teamwork, and develops integrity, enthusiasm, resilience, fairness, humility, warmth and confidence; the key elements of leadership. We also expect to produce the skills of time management and promote the ability to use time as profitably as possible.

We accept that individuals will want to become specialists as they progress, but the aim of the co-curricular programme is to help develop well-rounded individuals with all the qualities that will enable enjoyment of life to the full and for the pupils to be enriched by their breadth of experience.