Theatre, Speech & Drama

The Theatre, Speech & Drama department at ECiM offers an outlet for pupils to express their inherent creativity on stage. Involvement in these activities is encouraged for pupils to develop key life skills in a fun, engaging manner. It offers pupils with a flair for showmanship and a passion for the arts an opportunity to experience all the roles involved in creating a successful performance.

School Plays

Pupils in Years 9 – 13 participate in a Senior School Play in Term 1. Pupils will have the chance to either perform on stage, or offer assistance in the costume, set, lighting and sound design and creation.

In Term 2, the drama curriculum will hold a series of showcases where participating pupils are involved in running various elements of the performance, including costume, makeup, puppetry, set design, lights, sound and front of house.

Junior pupils in Year 6 take to the stage in Term 3, where they work with their future Housemates to put on a ‘transitional musical’. This large scale production is part of the Epsom Edge Performing Arts Festival.

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English Speaking Board

The English Speaking Board is a UK-based organisation that offers certification in oral communication and language arts. All Prep School pupils will have the opportunity to prepare for their presentations and readings during specialised drama lessons, while in Senior School, it is offered as a co-curricular option. Pupils’ performance will be assessed by an examiner from the UK.

ECiM is the only school in Malaysia to offer awards from this prestigious board, and has had outstanding results over the last two years with every participant receiving a merit or higher.


This co-curricular group meets weekly to play improvisation games, develop confidence and learn how to fail in magnificent style, in an environment that celebrates and encourages experimentation. Theatresports™ competition evenings are fast becoming a regular fixture of College life, and is a wonderful performance art experience for competitors and beginners alike.

Epsom Edge Performing Arts Festival

This is an annual performing arts festival organised at the College which sees an impressive 70-odd performances from ECiM pupils, visiting schools, and professional performers over two days. At the festival, pupils get to showcase their talents on stage while everyone gets the opportunity to appreciate drama, music and dance performances.

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