Art, Design & Technology

Opportunities to extend and develop interests in and, passions for, Art and, Design and Technology exist within the activities programme, as well as within the academic curriculum.

Whether joining one of the clubs and experimenting with new disciplines or working independently to develop ideas and skills through personal expression, there are opportunities available for all.

Senior School

In the Senior School, the superb new facilities will provide specialist environments for all to use. Students are encouraged to experience new creative disciplines and to try something different, whilst others following examination courses will have the chance to extend their work through increasingly challenging and complex philosophies and processes. The Art and DT departments will provide students the chance to develop their knowledge and understanding of painting, sculpture, ceramics, textile and creative design, design and workshop skills in wood, metal and plastics. Further opportunities to develop skills in video, film-making, graphics, illustration and photography along with web design will exist too.

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Prep School

In the Prep School our programme will typically include: painting, 3D art, clay, Playdo, papier maché, fashion design, sketching, outdoor art, textiles and printing opportunities. The children will work on individual and group projects to further their skills and knowledge of the chosen medium. Pupils will be able to suggest other clubs they would like to have through the School Council. The children will have access to the superb Senior School arts dept.