Art, Design & Technology

We believe that creativity is inherent in all pupils, and wish to nurture their creative expression via the activities afforded in our Art, Design & Technology programme. All pupils will be given the opportunity to develop their interests and explore their creativity, either by joining a club or experimenting independently.

Senior School

The world-class facilities at ECiM provide a specialist environment for pupils to dabble in their various interests. In this department, pupils will be taught to develop an understanding of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles and creative design and design and workshop skills. In addition to traditional forms of art, we also offer opportunities in contemporary fields like video, film-making, graphics, illustration, photography and web design. Those who wish to develop their skills are challenged to adopt more complex philosophies and processes in their art through examination courses.

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Prep School

Prep School pupils are afforded access to the Senior School’s world-class art and design facilities, where they will be introduced to a wide range of artistic endeavours. Individual and group projects further their skills and knowledge in the fields they are interested in, be it painting, 3D art, clay, modelling compound, papier maché, fashion design, sketching, outdoor art, textiles or printing. Pupils are encouraged to suggest other endeavours that they would be interested in through the School Council.