Welcome to Admissions

Your enquiry regarding placements for new students is important to us therefore please contact our Admissions Department for more information regarding the admissions process and for an appointment to tour Epsom College.

Appointment and Campus Tour

  • Kindly contact us for an appointment and to schedule a campus tour.
  • Our friendly Admissions team will arrange a personalised tour for your family and explain the details of the enrolment process to you.

The Application Form

  • All applications for enrolment should be made on the College's printed Application Form. Please click here for the form.
  • A separate Application Form is required for each applicant to the school.
  • Completed Application Forms should be submitted to the Admissions team ( together with the Application Fee of RM 1,000.00 in the form of cash, a cheque (made payable to Epsom College Malaysia Sdn Bhd) or bank transfer (account details available on request) and copies of the applicant's most recent school reports.
  • Applications cannot be processed until the above procedure is completed.


  • Application Forms and School Reports will be closely scrutinised and applicants will be invited in by the Registrar for assessment. Epsom reserves the right to contact pupil's previous schools for further details of any aspects of social, behaviour, academic development.
  • Assessments are carefully tailored to the age of the candidates and full account is taken of educational experience and background. The College is looking for signs of promising academic potential and fully accepts that profiles can be somewhat uneven. We aim to put your child at ease throughout this process to encourage them to perform to potential.
  • Normally assessments are offered in English Language, Numeracy and Non-Verbal Reasoning. These tests will frequently be supplemented by tailored interviews with appropriately selected experts.
  • Parents frequently accompany their children on such assessment days and take advantage of the opportunity to meet key personnel, tour the school and ask questions.
  • The assessments are processed as quickly as possible, and the outcome is provided in writing within seven days.

The Outcome

After full consideration of all the available information, the Admissions Department will either:

  • Offer an unconditional place in the school to the applicant; or
  • Offer a place in the school with certain conditions attached. In some cases, support in English may be a pre-requisite to entry; or
  • Advise that the applicant would not, on the evidence available, gain educational benefit from studying at Epsom College in Malaysia.

Progress into the Sixth Form (Years 12/13), at the end of Year 11, is dependent upon the pupil’s academic performance (as demonstrated by a strong profile of iGCSE grades and encouraging reports).