All new children are given an induction to the Library within their first week at the College and issued with their library membership.

Pupils have a close association with the Library, particularly in the first term of their first year when they will receive instruction in the use of the library and how to find information and will be encouraged to make good use of the splendid up-to-date fiction selection. Thereafter, they visit the library regularly with their subject teachers to put their new found knowledge and skills into practice in small projects and homework tasks.

The library is organised into areas to provide:

  • An environment conducive to quiet, private study amongst appropriate resources
  • A cluster of networked computers and Wi-Fi accessibility for those with their own laptops
  • An extensive range of fiction and non-fiction
  • A wide assortment of local and international magazines and newspapers and it is a source of instruction, information and inspiration.
  • Higher education information

In the Senior School, the library is used for teaching information skills as part of the study skills programme and the boys and girls are encouraged to use the library both independently and as part of class instruction.

New Sixth Form students have an introductory session to the Library and are encouraged to make good use of the resources in private study.

The Library also runs a service activity for older children interested in serving as librarians.