Academic Guidance & Monitoring

Senior School


In Years 7, 8 & 9, a wide ranging set of subjects within the curriculum is on offer. Through regular assessment and feedback, lower school students have a growing understanding of their strengths and areas in which they need to work and further develop. Regular discussion with their teachers, tutors and HMMs will allow pupils to reflect on their learning and set targets. This self-awareness with regard to their attainment and progress, is essential for both life-long learning and to enable the child to make informed choices about IGCSEs.

After the first term of Year 9, pupils will be asked to make their choices for the subjects they wish to study for IGCSE. Supplementing the regular discussions with staff, an information event is held for both pupils and their parents. Most students take 10 or 11 subjects; some students will take less, depending on their academic profile.

Students are baseline tested on entry into the College. The data from these tests provides predictions for end of Year 9 attainment.

After the first term of Year 11, a similar information event is held for A Level choices, with the same level of support from careers staff and HMMs or tutors.


Monitoring of our pupils starts from day one. Each pupil will have a Housemaster/Housemistress and a tutor who monitor academic and social progress. Through regular meetings with their tutor group, a tutor will follow the progress of each of their tutees. In addition to the written reports there are also Parent Teacher Consultation meetings (PTC) where the progress of a pupil can be discussed with the parents and student and next steps planned.