Academic Guidance & Monitoring

Senior School


In the Senior School, pupils embark on their journey towards their IGCSEs. From Years 7 – 8, they will experience a broad range of subjects in their curriculum, giving them a more informed view of what lies ahead and an understanding of their current abilities. This allows both the pupils and teachers to work towards development where required and starts to introduce the child to long-term goal setting and achieving targets: skills they'll find vital in further studies and employment. Teachers, tutors, and Housemasters or Housemistresses (HMMs) have regular discussions with individual pupils to help them reflect on their academic learning and guide them in setting these targets.

After the first term of Year 9, pupils will choose the subjects they wish to take for their IGCSEs. The average number of subjects taken range from 10 to 11, but the final number is entirely dependent on each individual pupil’s abilities and interests. Aside from regular discussions with staff, we also organise an information event for pupils and parents to ensure they are well aware of how the subjects they intend to take will impact their future opportunities.


From the day a pupil enters the College, he or she is provided with individual attention and monitoring. Pupils will be given a baseline test to assess their academic proficiency, giving their teachers and tutors an understanding of where they stand academically as well as predictions for their Year 9 accomplishments. They will have an HMM and an assigned tutor, both of whom will keep a close eye on their academic and social progress. The tutor will have the clearest understanding of their tutee’s progress, and will write reports on their development to share with their parents and guardians. In addition to these reports, there are also Parent-Teacher Consultation (PTC) meetings, where teachers sit with parents and their children to discuss and plan their next steps.