Academic Guidance & Monitoring

Prep School


Integral to the education at ECiM is the opportunity for pupils to take part in regular discussions regarding their academic progress and achievements. Pupils in Prep School are afforded the same opportunity to hold these conversations with an informed and sensitive adult, allowing them to accrue vital skills in self-reflection.

In Early Years, pupils plan and review their learning and activities with their teacher and teaching assistant (TA), who help them see their strengths and guide them in setting age-appropriate targets. Targets are not always academic in nature, and may include aspects of self-care, physical development, and social skills, challenges befitting their age. The staff will ensure that pupils feel successful and confident, while developing an awareness of their strengths.

Pupils in Pre-Prep and Prep School classes will set their own targets in mathematics, reading and writing, as well as another academic study of their choice, under the guidance of a staff member. These targets are shared with parents and reviewed on a regular basis. At this stage in their academic journey, pupils are encouraged to work independently to the best of their ability. House points are awarded to pupils for their hard work and achievements.


Much like in Senior School, pupils will be given a baseline assessment at the start of the academic year at ECiM. The information from these tests allow staff to predict a child’s future achievements and keep a watchful eye on their progress. At this stage, gifted and talented pupils will be identified, as are pupils who may benefit from joining one of our support programmes.

  • Each child will be assessed in the following areas:
  • Ability to work in groups
  • Response to tough questions
  • Ability to solve problems or tasks
  •  Completed work
  • End of unit assessments
  • Formal assessments for Years 2 – 6